Server Rules


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September 3, 2020 at 12:56 AM

Welcome to The Odyssey!

Please be sure to read through our -Community Guidelines- for a full list of our guidelines and policies. Ignorance of our rules or guidelines is not an excuse. We aim to be an open community for all of our players. Please support us in our goal by reading these rules. Please note that we reserve the right to ban or remove players for violating the rules and guidelines. We will act fairly, but the outcome is up to server admin discretion. These rules may change; in these cases, we will ask you to reread the updated rules. Respect all of our users, including members of staff. We do not allow any bullying, or discrimination of any kind.

  • Scamming will not be tolerated. Any attempt to defraud another player or user is unacceptable. This will result in an immediate ban.
  • Trade responsibly. Take initiative and make responsible decisions when trading. We are not liable if any items are lost due to faults in trading, or as a result of a scam.
  • Trespassing is prohibited. Do not enter another players property without permission from the owner.
  • Impersonation is not tolerated. Do not impersonate any players or staff members.
  • Public chats are English only. You are free to use private chats for other languages.
  • No swearing. Profanity of any kind is unacceptable. This includes any attempts to bypass word filters.
  • Spamming will not be tolerated. Be considerate when commenting in chat. This includes excessive caps on any platform. Any spam messages will be removed from the chat, and the user being kicked from the server.
  • Keep the chat PG. Inappropriate names, messages, images, and/or statements will be removed at our discretion.
  • Offensive builds or skins will be removed at our discretion. These include stereotypes of culture and/or people.
  • Claims. Raise a ticket on the website if you have a suggestion or complaint and wait patiently for a response. Do not message a member of staff for an update. Inactive claims are deleted after 2 weeks. If you require more time, request permission from a staff member.
  • Bases/items. We will not restore your base if it has been deleted due to inactivity. We will also not refund any items lost due to graves failing to spawn, bugs, glitches, crashes, clearlag etc.
  • Griefers will not be tolerated. We will never argue with griefers. Should we encounter one, we will ban without appeal.
  • Lag machines of any kind will not be tolerated. We will give you a warning, however if you continue, this will result in a ban without appeal.
  • Resources. Be considerate of what resources you are using. Taxing the server will result in a single warning. If you continue, this will lead to a ban without appeal.
  • Advantageous mod & texture packs such as X-Ray and Fly-Mods are strictly forbidden and will result in an instant ban.
  • Do not bypass server functions and restrictions. This includes using an anti-AFK machine to avoid being kicked. We will give you one warning before banning without appeal.
  • Spawners must be turned off before going offine. There must be no excessive items or mobs inside mob farms. You will receive one warning, if you continue this will result in a ban without appeal.

Thank you for reading. Have a great time on THE ODYSSEY.